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HTML & CSS Full Course
Learn to build websites with HTML and CSS. This is a full course that covers all levels from beginner to pro.
6 hour 31 mins
17 sections
107 exercises
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GitHub Pages Course Logo
GitHub Pages Course
Learn how to put your HTML and CSS website on the Internet so that anyone can access it. We also learn how to set up a domain name for your website (like "").
29 mins
2 sections
10 exercises
JavaScript Beginner Course Logo
JavaScript for Beginners
Designed for beginners (even with 0 coding experience). We learn JavaScript and build an app from the ground up.
1 hour 45 mins
16 sections
43 exercises
Git and GitHub Complete Course logo
Git and GitHub - Complete Course
Comprehensive course on Git and GitHub. We learn from 0 experience to professional.
1 hour 33 mins
14 sections